Expression of Ability (Kemampuan)

Expression of Ability adalah Ekspression yang kita gunakan jika kita ingin mengungkapkan dan menyatakan tenang kemampuan: Dibawah ini adalah contoh kalimat yang kita gunakan untuk menyatakan kemampuan atau ketidakmampuan (Ability):

Asking if someone can do something: (Menanyakan kemampuan seseorang)Saying you are able to do something: (Mengungkapkan kemampuan)Saying you can not  to do something: (Mengungkapkan ketidakmampuan)
Can you…?Do you know how to…?Do you think you can…?Do you know anything about…?Do you have the experience or ability to…?  I can…I am able to…I know how to…I feel capable of…I might be able to…(Yes), no problem…I would say I am capable of…(I think) I have the qualification or experience or ability to…I cannot…I am hopeless…I am not good at…I have no idea how…I have no experience of…No, I don’t know how to…I don’t know anything about…I am not sure I can/ know how to…

Untuk mengekspresikan kemampuan atau kapabilitas dalam Bahasa Inggris, kita dapat menggunakan modal “can, could, atau be able” yang artinya “dapat/bisa”


Can dapat digunakan untuk menyatakan kapabilitas dalam bentuk present tense/masa sekarang.

Pola umum:

Rounded Rectangle: S  + Can + Infinitive (Kata kerja dasar)

Perhatikan Can selalu diikuti kata kerja bentuk pertama/katakerja dasar

Contoh dalam Kalimat:

–          Jono can climb a tree. (Jono dapat memanjat pohon)

–          Siti can cook fried rice. (Siti bisa memasak nasi goreng).

–          Father and I can swim very well.

–          They can play guitars.

–          Birds can fly

Untuk menyatakan ketidakmampuan dapat ditambahkan –not, (can not/can’t)

Rounded Rectangle: S  + Can + not + Infinitive (Kata kerja dasar)


–          Tiara can not ride a bicycle.

–          Mother can’t run fast

–          A penguin can’t fly.

Untuk membentuk kalimat tanya (interogative sentence), maka Can diletakkan di depan kalimat.

Rounded Rectangle: Can  + S + Infinitive (Kata kerja dasar)?


–          Can he sing a song? Yes, he can/no, he cannot

–          Can a gecko crawl? Yes, it can

–          Can you come to my birthday party? No, I can’t. I’m busy.

Menggunakan can dengan Question Words (5W + 1 H):

–          What can I do for you?

–          Why can’t you come to my house?

–          How can you fly a kite?

–          Etc.


Could fungsinya sama dengan can. Perbedaanya adalah could digunakan untuk mengeskpresikan action atau tindakan dalam bentuk past tense/bentuk lampau. Selain past tense, could dimaksudkan supaya lebih sopan (polite) bukan bentuk past.

+S + Could + Infinitive + O
S + Could + Not + Infinitive + O
?Could + S + Infinitive + O?
QQW + Could + S + Infinitive + O?


–          Santi could walk 20 kilometers away.

–          The policeman could arrest the criminal.

–          Dani could not dance.

–          Could you please open the door?

–          Could she win the singing contest? Yes, she could/ No, She couldn’t.

–          What could your friend do to me?

Be able to

Bentuk ini dapat juga digunakan untuk menyatakan kapabilitas. Be(am, is, are/was, were) dapat digunakan baik present tense maupun past tense.

 Pola umum:

Rounded Rectangle: S  + be able to + Infinitive (Kata kerja dasar)


–          She is able to finish the job herself.

–          Toni and tini are able to collaborate.

–          They are able to win the football match.

–          Mother is able to cook delicious menus.

–          I am able to fix the leakage.

Untuk menyatakan kalimat negatif atau ketidakmampuan dapat ditambahkan –not setelah to be/be.

Rounded Rectangle: S  + be + not + able to + Infinitive (Kata kerja dasar)


–          We are not able to continue the jorney.

–          Ita is not able to come on time.

–          The dog is not able to overtake the cat anymore.

–          I am not able to be with her anymore.

Untuk membuat kalimat tanya(interogative) be diletakkan di depan kalimat.

Rounded Rectangle: Be  + S + able to + Infinitive (Kata kerja dasar)?


–          Is uncle Ben able to make a delicious cakes? Yes he is. No, he is not.

–          Are they able to compete in international level? Yes, they are. No they are not

Link youtube:

Contoh Dilaogue 1:

Andi       : Hi, Ando! How are you today? 

Ando     : oh, Hi Andi…! I’m fine, thanks. 

Andi       : do you have any planning for tomorrow? 

Ando     : no, I haven’t, why? 

Andi       : would you like to going with me to my uncle’s house? 

Ando     : of course, I would. 

Andi       : but, can you drive a car? 

Ando     : “don’t worry, It’s eazy. I’ve took a course and got a driving license, but I am not able to drive a big car.” 

Andi       : it doesn’t matter, My car is a carry. So, you don’t need to drive a big car 

Ando     : yeah. So, when we will go? 

Andi       : wait on your home, I will come there… 

Ando     : OK!.

Contoh Dilaogue 2:

James         : Hi Steven! i need some help here

Steven        : Hi James.. Help for what?

James         : My bicycle has been damage, “I have some items to fix this bicycle but i can’t fix this stuff” Can you fix my bicycle Stave?

Steven        : “Sure Why Not? Because my father always teaching me for repairng a bicycle”

James         : Really? Wow that sounds awesome! Ok let’s finish this job my best friend

Steven        : Thanks for your compliment.Ok i will finish it

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