Let’s Live a Healthy Life – Bahasa Inggris 9

English- Class 9 Week 2

  1. Menyatakan tujuan melakukan sesuatu

Untuk menyatakan tujuan melakukan sesuatu kita biasanya menggunakan kata sambung:

  • In order to = agar (diikuti dengan kata kerja)

Maybe you just have to take rest in order to get well soon

  • So that = agar ( diikuti dengan kalimat)

Poor you. You need to drink a lot of water so that you will not get dehydrated

  •  Menyatakan setuju atau tidak setuju / Agree or disagree

Perhatikan contoh berikut !

Beni:  “I think we should start our wall magazine now.”

Dayu:  “I don’t think we can start now. We should plan it carefully.  We should go to people who know how to make a wall magazine.”

 Siti:  “I agree with Dayu. We should think before we leap.”

Siti:  “I think we need a lot of money to make a wall magazine.”

Edo:  “I don’t think so. We can use used paper.  We can also use used wood for the frame.”

Lina:  “Yes we can, so we do not need a lot of money to make a wall magazine. What we need is hard work.”

Edo:  “What should our wall magazine contain?  Can we put any writing we have made there?”

Udin:  “I don’t think so. We should not just put anything there.  The texts should be good and interesting.”

Lina:  “And, there should not be many mistakes there.”

Udin: “I think only good texts, with few or no mistakes can be published.”

Edo:  “But how do we know that a text is good enough to publish?”

Dayu:  “I think our English teachers can help check our English.  Do you think Mrs. Tini is willing to be the editor of our wall magazine?”

Lina:  “It seems that none of us knows how to make a wall magazine. What if we go to Mrs. Tini and ask her for advice.  I think she has a lot of good ideas.”

Siti:  “I think so too. Let’s go to her now.”

Dayu: “I don’t think we can see her now. She is in the staff meeting.”

Beni:  “Why don’t we go back to SMP Sumber Ilmu tomorrow to look closely at their wall magazine?  We will know what kinds of texts are published there.”

Edo:  “I agree with Beni. We will also look at the layout and the decoration. Do you remember the color of the background?”

 Lina:  “Sorry, I don’t. What if we just ask for their permission to take a picture of the magazine?”

Siti:  “I think the best thing to do is to meet the team who manages the magazine.”

 Udin:  “I agree with Siti. We can ask them a lot of questions.  I think they will be happy to help us start our wall magazine.”

Dayu:  “That’s a very good idea. We need their help to plan our  wall magazine.”

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